LTE-based technology for small cells operating in unlicensed & shared spectrum

Delivers LTE-like performance with Wi-Fi-like deployment simplicity

Broadens the LTE ecosystem to new & existing wireless providers

Areas of business focus include
enterprise & industrial access,
IoT networks
& neutral host solutions

Our purpose is to support the common interests of members, developers and users in the application of LTE and next generation mobile cellular technology in configurations that use only unlicensed radio spectrum.


Deploy a private network that provides the integration of services for intelligent production enterprise, including wideband access and narrowband IoT.

Mobile Operators

Expand capacity and coverage in harder to reach areas such as indoors.

Internet of Things

Enable reliable wireless connectivity between IoT devices.


Deliver LTE-like wireless performance with the simplicity of Wi-Fi-like deployment.

Cable Operators

Enhance the consumer experience with wireless connectivity that supports mobility.


Meet demand for robust wireless connectivity at crowded sporting events or concerts.

MulteFire Alliance Members